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“Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”


Any product or service has a reason to be in existence only if it solves the customer problem or is part of a solution for the customer.

When we started acceler8 we had only one thing in mind : To be of value to the customer and be part of his solution.

As we look back on acceler8’s baby steps over the last quarter it gives us great joy to know that we have been making at least a small difference in your investing journey. Happy to share below your feedback on what you loved about acceler8.

As we take the next steps we look forward to your support to spread the good word and help acceler8 grow.

Refer a Friend

We are happy to introduce a simple referral program.

For every referral who takes up the paid subscription you will get additional one month of subscription for acceler8. Additionally since it is being referred by you, we will also give your friend an additional 10% discount.

Please provide the link below to your friend to avail the referral discount. Also drop us a mail for extending your subscription.

Looking forward to your continued support and patronage.

Happy investing,

Team #acceler8

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