personal top 3 investment writings 2017

My Personal Top 3 Investment Writings this year

“There is nothing like writing to force you to think and get your thoughts straight”- Buffett

2017 was indeed a very special year for me. I cherished for long to don the writer’s hat and to bring out the author in me. After wrestling and toying with this idea for three long years, in June this year, my dream became a reality. Though the journey is just six months old, the experiences till now has been nothing short of incredible. Lots of new learning, new friends and a growing set of wonderful readers!!!
40 posts and 40,000 page views later, as I eagerly look forward to writing again next year, I reflected on what I had written this year. Just as it is impossible for any mother to choose one child as her favorite among her children, I too found it very difficult to choose one particular post as my favorite among all my writings as I have specific memories associated with each and every one of my writings.
Still, having decided to select my personal favorites, here are my top 3 investment writings for the year in no particular order. These are not my most popular posts nor my most shared content on social media but these are my personal favorites and are special to me for specific reasons. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading them as much as I had enjoyed writing them.

My Personal Top 3 posts

1. 7 key things you should know on contrarian investing strategy

They say our first love never dies. Similarly, this happened to be the first article I wrote. My love multiplied manifold when it was also well received by readers who gave me lots of very positive feedback and appreciations (even got re-publication requests ), just the “encouragement tonic” a newbie writer needs.
Sentiments apart, contrarian investing as a philosophy is something I really believe in. When practiced with the necessary diligence and skill, being contrarian, is extremely rewarding both financially and intellectually.
Read it here: Contrarian investing strategy

2. Investing chat (Q & A) with Mr. Muthu

This post is special for many reasons. Until this post happened, I was posting only my personal thoughts and this happened to be the first of a new category of posts (Q&A). I was even happier that the Q&A type of post started with Mr. Muthu, a true gentleman whom I hold in very high regard as my interactions grew subsequently.
He is very knowledgeable, humble yet an extremely private person who avoids unnecessary publicity (having turned down interview opportunities in the past, which I came to know of it later) . My joy knew no bounds when he finally agreed for the Q&A with me. As with everyone who follows his blog and his twitter handle (@dmuthuk) will know, the Q&A too was replete his investing wisdom and his insightful thoughts.
Little wonder then that this post also happens to be one of my popular post this year.
Read it here: Investing chat with Mr. Muthu

3. Best book for an stock market beginner

This again was the first post I wrote solely with an investing beginner in mind. Every seasoned expert and professional was once a beginner. I strongly believe that when a newbie wants to learn something new in any field they must be able to get the right information and with ease.
As with the tagline of my site “Simplifying stock market investing”, what better thing to simplify the investing process to a beginner than to know about a great set of wonderful yet simple investment books to read. Not to be biased in my selection, I curated 10 reading lists from very reputed sources and then applied my own G.R.E.A.T criteria on them (35 odd book recommendations) to find out the best book for a stock market beginner.
I hope to write many more posts with an investing beginner in mind in the future.
Read it here: Best investing book for a stock market beginner

Final thoughts

Dear Readers, hopefully this is the first of many more years I will be able to share my thoughts with you. They say “good readers make a good book”. Similarly, you all have been very kind and supportive of what I have written and I cherish each and every appreciation mail, feedback and comment I have received. A big thank you and looking forward to your continued support in the future.
As Lao Tzu famously said “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. I have just taken small baby steps this year and  sincerely wish to believe that my best is yet to come.
Wishing you all a wonderful, prosperous and healthy 2018.
Happy Investing!!!
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