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Let me first tell you my story.

Ever since my MBA days in 1998 when I studied a paper “Security Analysis and Portfolio Management” I have been fascinated by the world of equities and stock market. Once I completed my studies the first thing I did was to open a Demat account and since then have been closely following the markets for 20 year now.

I experienced the power and magic of equities firstly through the ESOP’s (which multiplied 10 times in 7 years) I got  and secondly through the few multi-baggers I was lucky to to invest in.

Having experienced the power of equities and enjoyed the fruits of good investments , I felt a strong desire to share my learning and experiences with the outside world and I created an avatar on Twitter and a blog

5 years and 24k followers later, I am convinced that inspiring a fellow human being to take up equity investing for wealth creation is a mission worth pursuing. When I look around I find instances of mis-information, mis-selling and mis-aligned incentives to those seeking advise on how to invest in stock markets.

Applied knowledge is power. Simply tell and people may forget but if you show and tell then people may actually remember.

That is when it struck me that if I can apply this theory and actually show with proof that money can be made by prudent, sensible investing without taking unnecessary risk then it may inspire some of you to take up stock investing seriously in your wealth creation journey.

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As with every endeavor, this acceler8 learning service takes my most precious commodity – Time. It takes 20 hours of work a week to put across the newsletter reading / writing / investing / blogging & creating the newsletter.

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Your support by becoming a paid subscriber will help me in taking this up with a bigger focus and in devoting a larger time to spread the knowledge and power of equities.

They say with whom you travel is as important as reaching the destination. I am looking forward to having your company on this acceler8 journey.

Hope you will consider going premium and join the acceler8 community.

Happy Investing!

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