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“The study of what is excellent is food for the mind and the body”

Leonardo da Vinci

Reading is to the mind  what exercise is to the body. Words are the seeds to help cultivate your mind. While the body can still survive on junk food, for a while, the mind requires  regular portion of healthy and nutritious food to remain sharp and active.

 And for an investor, its not the size of your biceps or the number of  push-ups you can take but actually your ability to “think”, “analyze” and “decide”.

Investing is a test of your mental strength as much as it is about your control over your emotions and other  behavioral aspects. A sharp mind cultivated over a of time beats  idle and  dull mind left to  mental weeds.

Compounding is called the 8th wonder for a reason and it is one of those things one must actually experience at least once.

While the effect of compounding on wealth creation is a little more obvious , what remains under emphasized is the  power of compounding of knowledge.

Now what if I can help you compound both your wealth and knowledge. Here is acceler8 – Portfolio Learning Service to help you compound your learning and accelerate your earnings.

The Bountiful Garden

Every Sunday I will serve you a dish which I will take a week to prepare.  The ingredients for the dish are hand picked and collected by me over the week in the beautiful garden on Dalal street. The garden is usually bustling with activity with the fellow garden visitors , buzzing bees  and chirping birds.

Everything that looks beautiful is not edible. You need to be very careful with your choices. As the week progresses I will have a mental map of what I can serve on Sunday.

Over the weekend, I take a close look at the weeks pickings, draw on my two decades of experience working in the garden and come up with a recipe which I believe will be tasty to eat, healthy to the body and uplifting to the mind.

What to expect in #acceler8

#acceler8 is few weeks old. While I constantly strive to provide more value, the last Sunday edition is probably the closest to what you can expect every Sunday

a) Follow my Portfolio

I will be sharing my actual Portfolio / Trade details and not just some MASKED tabular data or excel spreadsheets with data in percentage terms. The details of the exact orders are shared including the closed / open positions.

Access will be given to a private Telegram channel for updates.

b) Investing Lessons

I will do an honest and critical analysis of my market moves and intend to share with you my investing lessons based on the trade details shared.

c) Investing Insights

I will be sharing one piece of awesome investing content (research / white paper / classic articles /  interviews ) to consume.

How will it benefit you?

1.      Follow my Portfolio:

The newsletter will help you get access to my actual trade ideas based on my investing strategy . All the stocks included in the portfolio are subject to a set of qualitative and quantitative criteria.

These trades are not any recommendation to buy or sell but helps you  to create a watchlist of quality stocks which can be a starting point for your further research.

The capital allocated to these ideas if they qualify based on your analysis is completely up to you and technically there is no limit on the possibilities.

2.   Insights, Information and Ideas

“Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field”

– Brian Tracy

Michelangelo, the famous painter said “I am learning” at age 89.

Continuous learning is absolutely necessary in any field including investing. As part of this newsletter, I will be sharing one piece of awesome investing content which can be a research paper, blog article, white paper or any other piece of insight / information which I believe will add value to your investment journey.

Every week, there would be a possibility of adding to your existing knowledge bank. Over a year you will have read 50 of these and if you do this long enough – you will suddenly find yourself in a league of your own. Over time, the knowledge compounds to create a momentum and a train of fine ideas / mental models and thoughts kick in.

3.   Vicarious Learning:

“The harder lessons you can learn vicariously rather than through your own hard experience, the better” – Charlie Munger

Most importantly, this is a learning service.  and I think the biggest benefit will be the vicarious learning opportunities from actual trade.  

Learning can be either through direct experience or by way of a vicarious learning from the experience of others.

Mr. Market is a willing teacher as long as you are a willing student. Every day and every trade in the stock market has an investing lesson in it. Some lessons are obvious and some are not so obvious. In some cases, the lessons and insights are hiding behind the data, numbers and even emotions of the investor.

 None of us have the time and resources to learn by committing all the mistakes oneself. I am sure I will commit my share of investing mistakes and you readers are in an enviable position to learn from my mistake.

I consider this as a one of the kind of service which I have not found anywhere in the market. Sharing of actual trades are usually avoided by even Market PRO’s due to the huge reputational risk it carries with it.

I would love to have this risk covered by a large doze of mental support and a small token of monetary support. This monetary compensation is largely for the vast amount of the most precious resource I have given to this project – Time.

While there are bills to pay, websites to maintain and other incidental costs of brokerage / taxes etc. which I am sure each one of you are wise enough to realize. The biggest factor is – TIME.

Time is a finite resource which cannot be borrowed, accumulated or reused. In all cases, no one know how much Time one has left- You realize you have so much to do in life and so little time available.

How much

Every Chef has their signature dish which they believe to be special. Putting a price is in itself a big challenge as  its priceless for its creator.

I too believe that #acceler8- Portfolio Learning service is truly one of its kind. My intention is not to milk it to the maximum but provide a small compensation for the time and effort put into preparing this newsletter.

After considerable thought and with an intention to keep it affordable, #acceler8 is priced at just 25 per day – the price for a cup of coffee and some cookies. To make it even more sweet, I am offering you an additional discount of up to 33% for a limited time period.


Your small token of support will go a long way in sustaining the service, paying the bills and for providing the resources to further add value to your investing journey. Every Sunday, there will be a brunch at my ranch and you are invited. Just don’t forget to buy your tickets.

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