"Stock and Ladder help evolve an individual investor’s investment philosophy and equips one with the technical skills and the right frame of mind to make investment decisions. Ravi’s content is structured and well designed."

Gautam Baid
Portfolio Manager, Summit Global Investments.
Author, The Joys of Compounding


"Ravi is a great contributor to the investor ecosystem through Stock and Ladder. His thoughts and especially his interactions with successful equity investors are a boon for all of us at all times. The simplicity in the language to drive in the deep concepts is awe inspiring."

Fundamental Investor

"I love Stock and Ladder for its rich and actionable insights on the Indian stock markets in general and investing in particular. I would definitely recommend it to the wider investor community"

Nikhil Arora
Founder and CEO, TRANSFIN
Founding Partner, Arkvega

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Winners Bet Selectively

Winners Bet Selectively

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Few lessons for investors from Yes Bank Saga

4 key lessons for Investors from Yes Bank Saga

  “Those who don’t remember the past are doomed to repeat it “– George Santayana   The last six months has been very painful to …

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